How far does individual freedom reach?

The costs of prohibition are great, but can people be trusted to make the best decisions for themselves?

  • Classical liberals favor democracy because it operates as a ruling of the people by the people, rather than rule by someone else.
  • This lends itself to the concept of negative freedom, or freedom from being compelled by the state or other authority to do something. So Daniel Jacobson, professor of philosophy at University of Michigan, raises the question: Do we have absolute sovereignty over our bodies?
  • The crucial point for liberalism is that liberty ought to be the default. It shouldn't be easy to justify compulsion.
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Marcus Aurelius’ guide to becoming a morning person

Ever had trouble finding reason to get out of bed? Marcus Aurelius has some advice for you.

(Photo by Silver Screen Collection/Getty Images)
  • Getting up in the morning stinks.
  • Marcus Aurelius, the philosopher King of Rome, even had to write advice on getting up in his masterpiece Meditations.
  • While the advice might not make you a fully fledged morning person, it might make getting up just a little easier.
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Smallest known dinosaur found in 99-million-year-old amber

With lizard-like eyes and sharp teeth, this strange creature was likely smaller than your thumb.

Xing Lida / CC BY-ND
  • The amber-trapped specimen was found in Myanmar in 2016.
  • The specimen was a bird-like dinosaur that likely preyed on insects and small invertebrates.
  • The researchers said their findings, if correct, show that miniaturization of dinosaurs occurred much earlier than paleontologists previously thought.
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The pagan origins of three Catholic practices

A few traditions in the Roman Catholic Church can be traced back to pagan cults, rites, and deities.

Photo by Josh Applegate / Unsplash
  • The Catholic rite of Holy Communion parallels pre-Christian Greco-Roman and Egyptian rituals that involved eating the body and blood of a god.
  • A number of Catholic holidays and myths, such as Christmas, Easter, and Mardi Gras, graph onto the timeline of pre-Christian fertility festivals.
  • The Catholic practice of praying to saints has been called "de-facto idolatry" and even a relic of goddess worship.
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The ancient roots of psychotherapy matter now

Cognitive behavioral therapy has the Stoics to thank for inspiring this field.

Photo by: BSIP/Universal Images Group via Getty Images
  • Cognitive behavioral therapy, a 20th century invention, points to Greek Stoicism for inspiration.
  • Stoicism and CBT share an emphasis on using logic and reasoning to overcome emotional difficulties.
  • Knowing how to respond to challenges lies at the foundation of modern psychotherapeutic practices.
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