Photo credit: Matthew Cattell / Getty Images for Samsung Galaxy S8
  • New research uses radiocarbon dating to create a timeline of the construction of 2,410 megaliths across Europe and Britain.
  • The original builders were people believed to be solely hunter-gatherers who were actually also sailors.
  • The megaliths studied go back 7,000 years.
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Did ancient cave artists share a global language?

The same 32 symbols show up in prehistoric European cave art.

Photo credit: PIERRE ANDRIEU / AFP / Getty Images
  • Many of these symbols are found in caves in Africa, Asia, Australia and America as well.
  • At least 40,000 years old, the set of symbols may have been a universal communications tool.
  • Among these symbols is the iconic hashtag.
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It's February and according to pagans, spring is upon us

Have we turned the corner of a cold winter?

A fire-cage swinging, Imbolc 2007, Marsden, England. Image source: Steven Earnshaw on Flickr
  • The ancient holiday of Imbolc celebrates the imminent return of the sun in spring.
  • The holiday also commemorates either goddess Bhrigid or St. Brigid, who may or may not be the same person.
  • Good weather on Imbolc means more winter to come.
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Found: Kweneng, a pre-colonial city in South Africa

Hi-tech imaging again reveals a hidden chapter of human history.

(Kgosi Kai/Wikimedia)
  • To the southeast of Johannesburg lies a forgotten city.
  • Formerly seen as some scattered dwellings, it turns out to be the ruins of a metropolis.
  • The past is hidden everywhere, and LiDAR keeps revealing big secrets.
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We’ve been celebrating pagan holidays a long time

Some things have always been worth celebrating.

Photo credit: Flickr user Christof
  • Some lost ancient holidays aren't really so lost after all.
  • All of us celebrate at least some pagan traditions whether we know it or not.
  • There are two things that tend to bring humans together: crises and holidays.
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