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5 of the worst inventions in modern history

Be glad your name isn't attached to any of these bad ideas.

Giving up marijuana improves memory in just one week, study shows

Attention rates, however, remained the same whether smoking or not.

10 people who got famous from the grave

Really puts the whole "don't give up until you're dead" thing to shame.

Apple debuts new iPad Pro alongside revamped MacBook Airs

... and also the return of the (mini) Mac.

10 of Europe's weirdest laws

Amongst other things, you can't get away with handling a salmon suspiciously in Scotland.

Taking care of your hearing and vision slows cognitive decline by 50-75%

A joint study from U.S. and U.K. universities shows promising results in reducing the rate of cognitive decline.

5 of the richest companies in history

Inconceivable wealth. And a few lessons in how not to get rich, too.

Paul Allen — Microsoft co-founder and philanthropist — dead at 65

The Seattle tech magnate died from complications of non-Hodgkin's lymphoma.

Amy Winehouse's hologram is set to tour in 2019

The money will go to her foundation, but is the tour really in the 'Back to Black' chanteuse's best interest?

The famous last words of 10 big thinkers

While shuffling off their mortal coils, these giants of thought had some parting words.

Unhealthy gut bacteria tells you to eat when you're not hungry

What makes you want to eat even when you're not hungry? Scientists at UCLA now know exactly why.

Why memories can feel like movies

When Adele sings "It felt like a movie...", there's a scientific reason that it did. Your brain is technically unconscious about 240 times a minute.

Here's what is going to be more expensive thanks to Trump's tariff war

Do you wear hats? Or own a lamp? Well, say goodbye (or perhaps more accurately: 再见) to them, as in late September there will be a 25% increase in prices thanks to President Trump's peculiar fixation on tariffs.

Junk food and drugs: your body doesn't know the difference

Substance dependence also applies to food addiction, says a University of Michigan study.

Eating more fish is linked to increased sex and pregnancy, study finds

Couples who had fish more than 8 times a menstrual cycle had a 47% shorter time getting pregnant than those who didn't, and had 22% more sex than those that didn't.

How fast does death travel on a cellular level?

The speed of death isn't as instantaneous as you may think.

New study reveals the science behind Ouija boards

It's not demons. It's not the undead. The explanation is actually way more boring that you'll ever guess.

The 'dumb watch' that helps you check your devices less

It's no small secret that we are addicted to our phones. This so-called 'dumb watch' can help you check it less... and looks great, too.

Study: Dogs as adept at empathy as young humans

Score another point for man's best friend.

The 4-day work week works. So why aren't we using it?

A New Zealand study shows a 24% increase in productivity... by working less.

Nitrates in beef jerky, hot dogs, and cured meats linked to manic episodes

A 10-year, 1,000 person study, has linked eating cured meats like beef jerky, hot dogs, and pepperoni to hospitalization for a specific mental illness: bipolar mania.

Study: Being in a bad mood can boost performance

Being grumpy can actually make you a better problem solver, as it boosts executive function. This doesn't give you free range to be a grouch.

Juice is terrible for children. Why do we keep giving it to them?

A glass of juice has as much sugar, ounce for ounce, as a full-calorie soda. And those vitamins do almost nothing.

Harvard study: Heat slows down the brain by 13%

As temperatures rise, your brain's processing power declines.

NASA recorded what Saturn sounds like. Hear it for yourself!

NASA recorded an interplanetary exchange. And it sounds not entirely unlike the beginning to a certain Daft Punk song.

Starbucks is going strawless in 2020

By 2020, recyclable lids that look like sippy-cups will be de rigueur.

Your brain 'wiggles' a little with every heartbeat

Looking for a heartbeat? Advances in the MRI field can now show you.

Wearing a tie cuts circulation to your brain

An even better reason to eschew alpha-male office culture.

Facebook algorithm finds the Declaration of Independence racist

A phrase buried deep in the Declaration of Independence set off alarms in Silicon Valley, and outrage in Texas.

Science calls bullshit on China's 'AK-47 laser gun'

China has allegedly developed a 'laser gun' that can burn you to death. It probably doesn't exist.

Photographs actually impair your memory of an event, rather than support it

A new study shows that photographing something doesn't help you remember it. Looks like the ol' "Take a picture, it'll last longer" insult doesn't actually hold any water.

A.I. can now beat humans at their favorite video game

Machine learning has developed awareness of consequences for its actions. Oh, boy.

Chocolate milk works extremely well as a post-workout drink, says study

Sports teams have yet to pour a celebratory cooler of chocolate milk over their coach after winning the big game.

Scientists create an avocado that lasts 4 times longer

Tired of your avocados going bad? This company has developed a way to keep them fresh for four times longer.

Listen: Stephen Hawking's final message to humankind

This piece of music was beamed into back hole 1A 0620-00, about 3,457 light years away. You can listen to the six-minute song, with spoken word by Stephen Hawking, right here.

Study shows the detrimental long-term effects of helicopter parenting

Let kids be kids. Watching over your children's every move is a bad idea, and the long-term effects of helicopter parenting are far worse than thought.

Probiotics, prebiotics, and placebos: which is more effective?

The idea of a "healthy gut flora" might have gotten you laughed out of the room just five years ago, but they've slowly been more accepted over the years and are now firmly in the mainstream.

Fake video could break your trust in the news entirely

Digital Video Portraits are already beating out deepfakes for creepy cultural dominance.

Researchers at MIT create "psychopathic" AI

They fed it data from "the darkest corners of Reddit forums."

Canada set to legalize marijuana, provide $6bn annual boost to GDP

On June 7th, the Canadian Senate will vote on Bill C-45. It is expected to pass, making Canada the first of the G7 nations to legalize recreational marijuana.

The coolest announcements at Apple's WWDC 2018 event

From Memojis to revamped and improved AR, here's the most interesting and useful new features from Apple.

Study: Being busy can ruin your workday

Do a little less in your day if you want to do a little more.

AI can now predict internet comment fights

A team from Cornell University looks to shut down the ongoing flamewar that has taken over, well, pretty much every public area of the internet.

Daily dose of baking soda may help against autoimmune diseases

It might not be a great idea to chug a whole box of Arm and Hammer, but a small daily dose could do wonders for keeping your autoimmune system in check.

Tell your boss that cyberloafing is good for productivity

Cyberloafing — or, absent-mindedly browsing the internet — actually has a place in the workday according to this recently published study.

This AR app from the Red Cross shows you the horrors of war firsthand

'Enter the room' is a rare case of an augmented reality app that could genuinely make the world a better place. Read our review here.

Random fact roundup: Hotels, feet, and The Simpsons

What do hotels, The Simpsons, and feet have in common? They're all in this actual blog post. Wow.

Study: You're breathing wrong

Simple 1:2 breathing is where it's at, according to a major university study.

Study: Sharks like jazz over other genres of music

The unpredictable groove of jazz music actually makes jazz the perfect music for sharks because it mimics the unpredictable flop of prey.

Google renames its research wing, going all-in on A.I.

Depending on how you look at it, Google wants to jump on the hot new trend in tech or is trying to appease future robot-brain overlords

Random fact roundup: Guns, roses, and Guns N' Roses

What do guns, roses, and Guns N' Roses have in common? They're all awesome. And all of them are in our weekly random fact roundup.

MIT study: 24-hour fasting regenerates stem cells, doubles metabolism

This gives credence to the 5–2 diet, which has recently gained in popularity thanks to a large celebrity following.

Random fact roundup: Hockey, movies, and cardboard boxes

What do hockey, movies, and cardboard boxes have in common? They're incredibly interesting, and featured in our weekly random fact roundup.

Study: Memories of music cannot be lost to Alzheimer's and dementia

The part of your brain responsible for ASMR catalogs music, and appears to be a stronghold against Alzheimer's and dementia.

London crawling: Deadly caterpillars invade London

If you go down to the woods today you'll be sure of a big surprise... (possible) death by caterpillar!

Random fact roundup: Luck, death, and Texas

What do luck, death, and Texas have in common? They're all part of our weekly random fact roundup.

Cows will one day rule the earth, say scientists

When humans die out or leave Earth because of climate change, cows may be the biggest (and most widespread) animal left, thereby inheriting the planet.

Random fact roundup: Google, sharks, and money

What do Google, sharks, and money have in common? They're all in our weekly random fact roundup.

Allow us to explain NASA's new supersonic X-Plane

NASA is developing something called an X-Plane that could potentially bring back supersonic speeds to the skies.

John Boehner—former GOP mouthpiece—wants to legalize weed

Hey. Remember former Speaker of the House John Boehner? The guy who famously said that he was "unalterably opposed" to legalizing marijuana? Well, now he's a huge pothead.

Study: bathroom hand-dryers just spray germs everywhere

Which is better? Paper towels or electronic hand dryers? Click through to find out. Plus, we give you the best handwashing tips so that you'll get the cleanest hands.

Random fact roundup: Pizza, heavy metal, and flatulence

What do pizza, heavy metal, and farts have in common? They're all in our random fact roundup!

Mark Zuckerberg has been deleting his past messages on Facebook — and you can't

In the middle of the Cambridge Analytica data harvesting controversy, the Facebook founder has been erasing his private chats from Facebook servers. So why isn't this an option for anyone else?

Here's the AI documentary Elon Musk thinks is essential viewing

Artificial intelligence threatens to take over our entire world. And that's only the 2nd most scary aspect about this documentary shared by Elon Musk.

Random fact roundup: Puppies, monarchy, and Abraham Lincoln

What do puppies, world monarchies, and Abraham Lincoln have in common? Why, they're all part of our awesome series (drumroll, please) Random Fact Roundup!

Your own blood could become a mosquito's worst enemy

Mosquitos kill about 725,000 people a year... making them the deadliest animal in the world. Our own blood could kill them, thanks to a new study of an old drug.

This is exactly how long it takes to build a friendship

This study shows just how long it takes to make a good and lasting personal connection with someone.

Random fact roundup, March 19th—26th, 2018!

What do hot dogs, the Vatican, and the Large Hadron Collider have in common? They're all in our random fact roundup where we bring you some favorite facts about three subjects.