Child abuse cases quadruple when report cards are sent home on Fridays

Florida researchers offer schools a simple message: Send home report cards earlier in the week.

Photo by NeONBRAND on Unsplash
  • Researchers discovered a four-fold increase in verified cases of child abuse when report cards were sent home on Friday as compared to other days.
  • Corporal punishment is legal throughout America, including in many public and most private schools.
  • A child is hit, on average, every 30 seconds in American public schools.
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The horror and mystery behind 'the Black Paintings'

Towards the end of his life, Francisco Goya began painting terrifying scenes directly onto the walls of his house.

Wikimedia Commons
  • The Black Paintings stand out in art history for their dark composition and themes.
  • The biggest mystery, though, is that Goya painted them directly onto the walls of his home and never told anybody about them.
  • With such little information, all we can do is speculate about the 14 horrifying Black Paintings.
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The boozy and violent story behind America's Eggnog Riot

It's hard to get off of the couch after a few eggnogs, let alone destroy public property.

Big Think
  • In 1826, Americans loved to drink, and the young cadets at West Point Academy were no exception.
  • After being forbidden from imbibing everyone's favorite egg-based holiday beverage, West Point cadets would go on to start a riot that lasted into the early hours of Christmas morning.
  • The story behind the Eggnog Riot both offers a glimpse into life in 1826 and the history behind how West Point became the disciplined institution it is today.
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Bombs sent to Joe Biden and Robert De Niro, latest in string of attempted attacks

Explosives sent to addresses linked to former Vice President Joe Biden and actor Robert De Niro were similar to bombs delivered to other political figures this week, officials said.

  • Two bombs were sent to Biden, one to De Niro. Nobody was injured.
  • So far, 10 people, all Democrats or critics of President Donald Trump, have been targeted in this week's string of attempted bombings.
  • Trump denounced the attempted bombings but also suggested the media is partly to blame.
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Dark tourism: Inside a new, morbid kind of travel

If your dream vacation involves a luau, dark tourism probably isn't for you.

(Paula Bronstein/ Getty Images)
  • A new form of tourism that focuses on visiting sites associated with death and tragedy is growing in popularity.
  • Some call it exploitative, and some call it respectful. Still others consider it to be far too dangerous for reasonable people.
  • In any case, dark tourism showcases humanity's irresistible fascination with death.
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