Eating noises make you crazy? You have misophonia

People who go ballistic over other people's eating sounds aren't just cranky — they have misophonia.

Credit: Usman Yousaf/Unsplash
  • Some people are driven absolutely bonkers when they hear other people eating or even breathing.
  • Such people likely have a condition called "misophonia," or "hatred of sound."
  • fMRI brain scans reveal a surprising cause for the condition.
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Looking for something? A team at MIT develop a robot that sees through walls

It uses radio waves to pinpoint items, even when they're hidden from view.

TORU YAMANAKA/AFP via Getty Images
In recent years, robots have gained artificial vision, touch, and even smell.
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Do animals see the world the way we do?

We can't ask them, so scientists have devised an experiment.

Credit: sebastiangora/Roxana/Adobe Stock/Big Think
  • Humans have the capacity for conscious awareness of our visual world.
  • While all sighted animals respond to visual stimuli, we don't know if any of them consciously take note of what they're seeing in the way that we do.
  • Researchers from Yale have devised experiments that suggest that rhesus monkeys share this ability.

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Brain hemispheres swap memories to help you see the big picture

Scientists observe how the halves of the brain keep us informed about everything everywhere.

Credit: jolygon/Art Villone/Adobe Stock/Big Think
  • Each hemisphere of your brain stores memories of the visual input from your opposite side.
  • Your working memory needs information from both hemispheres for you to effectively function.
  • To keep us aware of what's all around us, each hemisphere copies relevant memories to the other side when your gaze shifts.
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    Hues of our own: How we perceive color

    Is your red the same as mine? Probably not.

    Photo by JD Weiher on Unsplash

    Each of us lives in our own multi-colored universe. And there's scientific proof of it.

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