Eating noises make you crazy? You have misophonia

People who go ballistic over other people's eating sounds aren't just cranky — they have misophonia.

Credit: Usman Yousaf/Unsplash
  • Some people are driven absolutely bonkers when they hear other people eating or even breathing.
  • Such people likely have a condition called "misophonia," or "hatred of sound."
  • fMRI brain scans reveal a surprising cause for the condition.
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Looking for something? A team at MIT develop a robot that sees through walls

It uses radio waves to pinpoint items, even when they're hidden from view.

TORU YAMANAKA/AFP via Getty Images
In recent years, robots have gained artificial vision, touch, and even smell.
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How to fool a shark using magnets

A simple trick allowed marine biologists to prove a long-held suspicion.

Credit: D Ross Robertson/Wikimedia/Big Think
  • It's long been suspected that sharks navigate the oceans using Earth's magnetic field.
  • Sharks are, however, difficult to experiment with.
  • Using magnetism, marine biologists figured out a clever way to fool sharks into thinking they're somewhere that they're not.
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Smells connect to memories more than other senses

"The smell of fresh chopped parsley may evoke a grandmother's cooking, or a whiff of a cigar may evoke a grandfather's presence," says author.

Credit: / Adobe Stock
  • The right scent can conjure up a memory more powerfully than most anything else.
  • People who lose their sense of smell often develop symptoms of depression.
  • While other senses connect to the brain's memory center indirectly, the olfactory cortex has a direct line.
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    When does an idea die? Plato and string theory clash with data

    How long should one wait until an idea like string theory, seductive as it may be, is deemed unrealistic?

    Credit: araelf / Matthieu / Big Think via Adobe Stock
    • How far should we defend an idea in the face of contrarian evidence?
    • Who decides when it's time to abandon an idea and deem it wrong?
    • Science carries within it its seeds from ancient Greece, including certain prejudices of how reality should or shouldn't be.
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