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Despite recasting itself as a green energy alternative, nuclear power is still mistrusted by many due to recent leaks of radioactive material at more than 20 US nuclear plants.
A diverse range of corals harboring unusual symbiotic algae in the warm Indian Ocean suggests resilience to future global warming, Penn State researchers have found.
A Swedish program is helping American families change their lives to see that reducing energy consumption needn’t be painful.
An Iranian nuclear scientist has been killed by bomb in a booby-trapped motorbike which exploded outside his home in a suburb of Tehran.
After being plagued with technical problems, the partical collider meant to discover the origins of the universe will not run at full power for at least another three years.
Lasers are vaporizing materials including rocks and steel in order to allow scientists to analyze their chemical composition in transference of such techniques from Mars probes to forensics.
As the snow piles up along the East Coast the climate change debate continues to rage with skeptics mocking global warming fears saying it seems more like "global cooling".
Your kindergarten teacher warned you not to look directly at the sun, but not to worry: now you can listen to it sing, instead. Scientists have long tracked the intensity […]
Pet owners keeping watch on the girth of their furry friends are faced with “confusing two-fold variation in calorie density, recommended intake and cost” of low-calorie pet foods.