11 holiday gift ideas for the person impossible to shop for

From coffee makers and headphones to a calming weighted blanket, something here should appeal to just about anyone on your list.

  • Check out 11 awesome holiday gift ideas, each up 75% off.
  • Options include an ultrasonic cleaner, a portable video projector and a weighted blanket.
  • You can save an extra 15% off each item with the coupon code MERRYSAVE15.

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    Open academic culture, more crucial than ever, is in peril

    Why campuses are becoming polarized — and what we can do about it.

    Getty Images
    Sponsored by Charles Koch Foundation
    • The narrowing of academic freedom is a major problem for institutions of higher education.
    • Social media, external pressures, and increasingly diverse student bodies — while providing some positives — create more opportunity for misunderstanding and miscommunication.
    • Reaffirming the value of and commitment to open debate ensures a more vibrant academic culture.
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    Master a second language in easy 10-15 minute blocks

    Babbel is developed by over 100 linguistic experts and its speech recognition technology assesses your pronunciation so it's "fi 'ahsan al'ahwal" every time.

    • A lifetime Babbel subscription can help you learn up to 14 popular languages.
    • 10-to-15 minute language lessons focus on building basic conversational skills.
    • Babbel's speech recognition technology monitors and assesses your verbal performance.
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    • 12min summarizes hundreds of best-selling books down to essential 12-minute microbooks.
    • Microbooks are downloadable in both text and audio formats.
    • You can request a 12min summary of any non-fiction book not in their vast library.
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    Top-down power: Hierarchies thrive on the internet

    The internet was built to resist an Orwellian future. Now it's being weaponized.

    • Research shows hierarchical groups are more likely to use the internet as a platform.
    • This might be counterintuitive, as the original rise of the internet coincided with events like the toppling of top-down structures.
    • Despite the strong belief that the internet is horizontal, these hierarchical systems achieve high levels of online participation.
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    Want a lifetime of learning? Skill-up with this stack of online courses.

    StackSkills Unlimited is offering the ultimate career booster: lifetime access to over 1,000 courses in many of today's most in-demand skill sets.

    • StackSkills Unlimited is an online learning resource with over 1,000 skill training courses.
    • Over 550,000 students have successfully completed courses in IT, graphic design, finance and more.
    • Save over 90% off the regular price
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    This A.I. pocket device translates languages in real-time

    The ONE Mini is a Swiss Army knife of translation tech, interpreting 12 different foreign languages with a host of features.

    ONE Mini wireless translation device

    • The ONE Mini translates and transcribe 12 languages in real time.
    • Advanced speech recognition tech produces text or verbal translations instantly.
    • Live premium translator service is available through ONE Mini.
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    Why there are reasons to be optimistic about coral reefs

    Let's not kid ourselves: Coral reefs are in serious danger. But numerous ambitious projects are underway with the goal of keeping these ecosystems alive.

    Photo by Olga Tsai on Unsplash
    Technology & Innovation
    • Human activity has made it a serious possibility that coral reefs might cease to exist on Earth.
    • It's tempting to give into despair over this prospect, but assuming the game is over already doesn't reflect objective reality.
    • There is an increasing amount of research and work going into keeping coral reefs alive. Coupled with a reduction in greenhouse gas emissions, the next generation stands a chance of growing up in a world with coral reefs.
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