Passions aren't fixed. You can develop them.

A Stanford new study delves into whether passions are fixed or developed.

Following your passion is fun, until it's not. (Image: Shutterstock)
Mind & Brain

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10 reasons why Finland's education system is the best

No standardized tests, no private schools, no stress. Finland's education system is consistently ranked best in the world. Why isn't America copying it?

According to a recent European study, Finland is the country which has best school results in Europe thanks to its teaching system. AFP PHOTO OLIVIER MORIN
Mind & Brain
  • Finland's intellectual and educational reforms have completely revolutionized their educational system.
  • The Finnish system doesn't encourage cramming or standardized tests.
  • Finland's common-sense practices and a holistic teaching environment strives for equity over excellence.
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Make space great again: Why the International Space Station still matters

As one of the biggest manmade structures in the sky and at a cost of over $100b, it's the place where the space age dream is still alive.

In this handout image provided by the European Space Agency (ESA) and NASA, the International Space Station and the docked space shuttle Endeavour orbit Earth during Endeavour's final sortie on May 23, 2011 in Space. Italian astronaut Paolo Nespoli captur
Technology & Innovation

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Earth has more moons than you might think

We aren't lunarly exclusive. Earth has a few minimoons whizzing around us, including one that comes back into our orbit every 20 years or so.

An asteroid of approximate size of a minimoon, c/o NASA
Surprising Science

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