"Clean meat" approved for sale in Singapore

Singapore has approved the sale of a lab-grown meat product in an effort to secure its food supplies against disease and climate change.

Credit: Adobe Stock / Big Think
  • Singapore has become the first country to approve the sale of a lab-grown meat product.
  • Eat Just, the company behind the product, will have a small-scale commercial launch of its chicken bites.
  • So-called "clean meats" may reduce our reliance on livestock farming, which kills billions of animals worldwide every year.
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    Typeface matters: Donations go up depending on typeface choice

    A study in the hospitality industry shows the importance of design, including during a pandemic.

    Credit: Drazen / Adobe Stock
    • Ohio State University researchers found that the right type choice drives up donations in the hospitality industry.
    • Warmth-focused versus competence-focused messages were matched with handwritten or machine-written typefaces.
    • This research could help restaurants and hotels make targeted design choices as they struggle to survive.
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    Personal finance: How to save, spend, and think rationally about money

    Finances can be a stressor, regardless of tax bracket. Here are tips for making better money decisions.

    • Whether you have a lot of money or a lot of debt, it matters how you handle your personal finances. A crucial step when it comes to saving is to reassess your relationship with money and to learn to adopt a broader, more logical point of view.
    • In this video, social innovator and activist Vicki Robin, psychologist Daniel Kahneman, Harvard Business School professor Michael Norton, and author Bruce Feiler offer advice on achieving financial independence, learning to control your emotions, spending smarter, and teaching children about money.
    • It all starts with education and understanding. The more you know about how money works, the better you will be at avoiding mistakes and the easier it will be to take control of your financial circumstances.
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    How QAnon is monetizing child trafficking victims

    What good is a conspiracy theory you can't profit from?

    Photo: Eric Rosenwald / Shutterstock
    • With over 2,000 items on Amazon and 6,600 items on Etsy, QAnon-related swag is now a big industry.
    • Many top QAnon devotees are using this conspiracy theory to promote supplements, t-shirts, and pendants.
    • This baseless theory is doing more harm than good to the child victims it purports to help.
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    Spencer Platt/Getty Images

    A detailed analysis of environmental research has revealed the greatest threat to the world: affluence.

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