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Dominic Basulto

Digital Thinker, Electric Artists

Dominic Basulto is a digital thinker at Electric Artists in New York and a contributor to The Washington Post's Ideas@Innovations blog. He is working on a manuscript of a new book on innovation called "Endless Innovation, Most Beautiful and Most Wonderful."



The Baby Boomer Generation has had a disproportionate economic and cultural impact on nearly every trend of the past 40 years, so why not the Internet? Of late, there’s been […]
NPR Digital Think In Ed Cotton of Influx Insights recently highlighted an interesting experiment by global innovation firm Frog Design to spearhead new thinking about the future at NPR. Frog […]
I’ve been playing around with a staggeringly impressive presentation tool called Prezi. Above, I’ve uploaded a brief look at some of the DIGITAL TRENDS that I see coming to the […]
n Ahead of the upcoming Consumer Electronics Show in January, Threadless recently announced the winner of the Threadless Loves Innovation t-shirt design contest. Deborah Kassoff, a member of the judging […]
n Vodafone Group’s user experience / concept development group has put together a brief video clip that explores the future of lifestreaming. There are some unique interactive visualizations in the […]