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Holiday Innovation: Ogilvy’s White Xmas iPhone App

Digital marketing agencies have been celebrating the winter holidays in a number of innovative ways in 2009. Social Media Mashup has a comprehensive rundown of the websites, applications, Twitter tools and online experiences that marketing and advertising agencies have created to celebrate the holiday season. My favorite thus far is the free White Xmas iphone app from Ogilvy that guarantees that you’ll have a White Christmas this year:

“Like Bing Crosby, but smaller and easier to control, White Xmas lets you live the dream of festive winter snowfall wherever you are. Syncing with your iphone camera, this smart little app works by adding a gently-falling veil of snow to anything you view. Just click the button and look… it’s snowing.

Cheaper than hiring a snow machine and so simple, a reindeer in mittens could do it – White Xmas transforms your whole world into a seasonal photo opportunity. You don’t even need to go outside to enjoy it.

Chances of a White Christmas this year? 100%.”

And with that, Happy Holidays and Happy New Year! Looking forward to a wonderful 2010!

[images: Ogilvy White Xmas via iTunes App Store]


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