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Dominic Basulto

Digital Thinker, Electric Artists

Dominic Basulto is a digital thinker at Electric Artists in New York and a contributor to The Washington Post's [email protected] blog. He is working on a manuscript of a new book on innovation called "Endless Innovation, Most Beautiful and Most Wonderful."



n nThe cover story of the current issue of Business Week looks at how the Olympic Games have fostered innovation across a wide range of sectors and industries: “Sometimes innovation […]
Long-time readers of Endless Innovation no doubt realize that the inspiration for this blog’s title derives from Darwin’s famous quote from the final sentence of The Origin of Species about […]
Enjoyed this clever “evolution of advertising” image — the Don Drapers of the world are thinking about the next bottle of champagne, not about PowerPoint and Adobe Acrobat. [image: Career […]
Ever wanted to become part of a collaborative Internet community where individuals, experts and companies come together to transform ideas into true innovation? Taking advantage of the buzz surrounding crowdsourcing […]