Last five American presidents seen as illegitimate in dangerous trend

Recent American presidents have all faced a crisis of legitimacy in a trend that threatens the health of our democracy.

Credit: MANNY CENETA/AFP via Getty Images
  • After a contentious election, some Americans are questioning the legitimacy of President-elect Joe Biden victory.
  • Legitimacy concerns also plagued the presidencies of Bill Clinton, George W. Bush, Barack Obama, and Donald Trump.
  • The trend of attacking a president's right to rule is growing.
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    The previous experience of every US president since Theodore Roosevelt

    What qualifies someone for the top position in American government?

    Public Domain/Big Think
    • What does it take to be president? The United States Constitution only lists three requirements for the job: be at least 35 years old, be a natural born citizen, and live in the United States for at least 14 years.
    • A total of 45 men had held the position so far, and each has taken a very different route to the White House.
    • Beginning in the 20th century, here is a brief summary of the past 20 leaders and their job experience.

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    3 reasons why American politics have become so divisive – study

    Partisan division has reached its peak, shows an alarming new study that identifies three crucial components.

    Credit: Joe Raedle/Getty Images
    • American political polarization has reached alarming heights, shows a new study.
    • Democrats and Republicans hate the other side more than they love their own party.
    • The polarization grows worse despite the fact that differences between the sides are not so dramatic.
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    Impeachment 101: Why, when, and how the people can fire the president

    Getting rid of the president is a popular subject these days. And Sunstein's advice on the subject can show us the protocol — and the history — behind firing the most powerful man in the free world.

    • It's hard not to write about the laws of impeachment without invoking the current POTUS, Mr Donald J. Trump. A former reality-star with no governing experience, Trump has set foreign relations into a panic with his rage-fueled Tweeting habit.
    • In almost every public moment since the election (and before it) — from his talk about grabbing women by the genitals to mocking a disabled reporter to suggesting the 2017 Puerto Rico hurricane wasn't a "real" disaster — he's offended the majority of Americans.
    • Cass Sunstein walks us through how it could come to be. And it's a lot easier than you might think. Cass Sunstein's research is cited in The Influential Mind: What the Brain Reveals about Our Power to Change Others byTali Sharot.
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    White evangelicals are least likely to say U.S. should accept refugees

    Is that what Jesus would have responded to the poll from Pew Research Center?

    Harvey Meston / Staff
    • A Pew Research Center survey found that only 25% of white evangelicals say the U.S. has a responsibility to accept refugees.
    • Meanwhile, people with no religious affiliation were most likely to say the U.S. does have that responsibility.
    • The results show the divide between the principles and practices of right-wing Christians in the U.S.
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