How millennials can become a successful generation

Millennials, engage! It's the reason you keep losing to baby boomers.

  • Millennials keep waiting for technology to fix their problems, but they can improve their quality of life now through voting and civic engagement.
  • Baby boomers participate in politics and turn up to vote at much higher rates, so their priorities dominate the political system. (The median member of Congress is 59 years old. That's bad.)
  • Removing roadblocks to voting will help millennials realize their political power so they can vote for issues that affect them most, like climate change policy, raising wages for workers, and closing the wealth gap.

How to handle the stress when you see your 401k savings dip

Thoughtful advice on how to manage a volatile market.

I check my finances, including my 401K, every single day. Every. Single. Day. My financial fixation stems from my mother's obsessive preoccupation with prioritizing saving over spending. She had several economic edicts on repeat throughout my childhood: Earn a dollar. Spend 50 cents. Save 50 cents; It's not how much you make, it's how much you keep.

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The maxim 'use it or lose it' is wrong, researchers say. Here's why.

A new review article makes the case that you can always use it.

Photo credit: GULSHAN KHAN / AFP / Getty Images
  • UMass Amherst biology professor Lawrence M. Schwartz redefines the term by writing, "use it or lose it, until you work at it again."
  • Teenagers "bank" muscle growth potential to help prevent frailty in old age.
  • Exercising over the course of your entire lifetime is necessary for maintaining good physical and cognitive health.
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Smoking greatly increases your biological age, says A.I.

New anti-aging program? Don't smoke.

DANIA BEACH, FL - JANUARY 03: Bill Griffith, on vacation from Chicago, Illinois, lights up a cigarette as he visits the beach on January 03, 2019 in Dania Beach, Florida. Florida state legislatures introduced an effort to outlaw smoking on all public beaches in the state. Mr Griffith said he doesn't understand why they would want to outlaw smoking on the beaches and he picks up his cigarette butts whenever he smokes on the beach. (Photo by Joe Raedle/Getty Images)
  • A new blood analysis test performed by Artificial Intelligence shows that smoking greatly increases your biological age.
  • Smokers under the age of forty show the greatest increase compared to their chronological age.
  • The study was performed using the anonymized blood chemistry and cell count results of 149,000 people.
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Want to age gracefully? A new study says live meaningfully

Thinking your life is worthwhile is correlated with a variety of positive outcomes.

  • A new study finds that adults who feel their lives are meaningful have better health and life outcomes.
  • Adults who felt their lives were worthwhile tended to be more social and had healthier habits.
  • The findings could be used to help improve the health of older adults.
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