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Chip Conley

Founder & CEO

Chip Conley, founder of MEA, the first midlife wisdom school, and New York Times bestselling author, reflects on the dynamics of age, wisdom, and curiosity in the ever-evolving world.

In our Legends interview, Conley, who founded his boutique hotel company Joie de Vivre at 26 years old and was a former Airbnb executive, shares his experiences challenging conventional norms in the hospitality industry, navigating the dot-com boom and bust, and embracing the role of a “modern elder” at Airbnb.

Conley offers a thought-provoking exploration of the ways curiosity and wisdom intersect. In a world that’s rapidly changing, discover why being open to new mindsets is not just an option but a key to longevity and happiness.

Order Conley's newest book, Learning to Love Midlife: 12 Reasons Why Life Gets Better with Age now.

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