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Rutgers-led research finds bee decline threatens crop yields

Declining bee populations could lead to increased food insecurity and economic losses in the billions.

(Photo: Sarah Dickinson)
  • Species richness among wild bees and other pollinators has been declining for 50 years.
  • A new study found crops like apples, cherries, and blueberries to be pollination limited, meaning less pollination reduces crop yields.
  • Conservation efforts will need to be made to stave off future losses and potential food insecurity.
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    New research shows that a 'cheat day' might not be that bad

    The study was only conducted with already healthy men, however.

    Photo by Arturo Holmes/Getty Images
    • A new study at the University of Bath found that binge eating on occasion doesn't have major metabolic consequences.
    • 14 healthy young men were instructed to eat pizza until full or to keep going until they couldn't eat another bite.
    • Their blood sugar levels were similar to having eaten normally and blood lipids levels were only slightly higher than normal.
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    Now you can track vitamin C intake on your skin

    A new wearable patch has been created at the University of California San Diego.

    Photo by Gianrigo Marletta / AFP via Getty Images
    • A team at the University of California San Diego has developed a non-invasive skin patch that measures your vitamin C levels.
    • An electrode sensor measures vitamin C in your sweat.
    • The researchers hope this leads to the development of multivitamin patches that track nutritional deficiencies.
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    These simple habits can optimize your gut and brain bacteria

    What you eat — and when — can make you superhuman.

    • The importance of the microbiome has really come to the fore in the last five years. Viome, a company that analyzed the feces of 100,000 people, has discovered 10,000 new types of gut bacteria.
    • Additionally, Improved imaging technology led scientists to discover you don't have just one microbiome, you have two. The second one is in your brain, populated by the same bacteria that live in your gut.
    • Simple habits can foster healthy gut and brain bacteria, which can help you live longer and age more slowly. Eat mostly vegetables, take fiber and prebiotics, and practice intermittent fasting, says Dave Asprey.
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    The first list of antidepressant foods restructures the "standard" American diet

    The first list of antidepressant food scores restructures the "standard" American diet.

    • Leafy greens, cruciferous vegetables, and oysters top the list of depression-fighting foods.
    • Organ meats are also near the top of nutrient-dense food sources that should be included in your diet.
    • Researchers focus more on what to eat rather than what to remove from the standard diet.
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