Sorry, the EmDrive doesn’t work

The EmDrive turns out to be the "um..." drive after all, as a new study dubs any previous encouraging EmDrive results "false positives."

Credit: AndSus/zolotons/Adobe Stock/Big Think
  • The proposed EmDrive captured the public's imagination with the promise of super-fast space travel that broke the laws of physics.
  • Some researchers have detected thrusts from the EmDrive that seemed to prove its validity as a technology.
  • A new, authoritative study says, no, those results were just "false positives."
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Cornell creates the world’s tiniest self-folding origami bird

The bird demonstrates cutting-edge technology for devising self-folding nanoscale robots.

Credit: Cornell University
  • Scientists at Cornell University have developed a self-folding origami bird that's just 60 microns wide.
  • The bird is just one of many tiny robots roaming Cornell's labs.
  • One day, microscopic robots will be able to autonomously form themselves and get to work in all sort of itty-bitty spaces.
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    This $30 mechanical engineering course could be your first step to a new career

    Learn all about mechanical design, product development, material selection, manufacturing, and so much more.

    • If you've always had an interest in mechanical engineering and design, these fives courses will fuel your curiosity.
    • The Mechanical Engineer and Design Certification Bundle packs 375 lessons and over 17 hours of content for only $30.
    • Learn all about mechanical design, product development, material selection, manufacturing, and so much more.
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    Japanese researchers hope to launch a satellite made of wood in 2023

    The satellite would burn instead of becoming more space debris.

    Credit: Rumman Amin via Unsplash/Peter Jurik via Adobe Stock/Big Think
    • Orbiting around Earth are hundreds of thousands of bits of space debris.
    • Some of this stuff comes plummeting down eventually, but not enough of it.
    • Wood satellites would burn up in the atmosphere without falling on anyone or anything.
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    Meet the robot 'dog' NASA is sending to Mars

    Boston Dynamics' notorious robot goes on an interplanetary mission.

    • NASA's Jet Propulsion Laboratory announces the deployment of a robotic "dog" for Mars exploration.
    • The robot is a modified Boston Dynamics cyberdog familiar to the internet from YouTube videos over the last few years.
    • The bot will be autonomous and smart enough to explore Martian caves that may one day provide shelter for human visitors to the Red Planet.
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