Dogs know when people are lying

A new study tested to what extent dogs can sense human deception.

Credit: Adobe Stock / kozorog
  • A study of 260 dogs found that, in some cases, dogs can tell when people are lying.
  • The experiments involved giving dogs information about the location of food.
  • The majority of the dogs did not follow false suggestions when they knew humans were lying.
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    Dogs digest human food better and poop less

    A new study finds that dogs fed fresh human-grade food don't need to eat—or do their business—as much.

    Credit: Charles Deluvio/Unsplash
    • Most dogs eat a diet that's primarily kibble.
    • When fed a fresh-food diet, however, they don't need to consume as much.
    • Dogs on fresh-food diets have healthier gut biomes.
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    Science says you should pet your dog before leaving

    A study explores how your dog does when you're not home.

    Credit: CoreyOHara/Adobe Stock
    • Just exactly how much are dogs upset when we leave?
    • A new study finds that dogs spend time looking for us after we're gone.
    • The experiment also found that dogs are more relaxed when we give them an affectionate, gentle petting before leaving.
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    Scientists piece together the story of humans and dogs

    A new study tracks the human-dog relationship through DNA.

    Credit: gerasimov174/Adobe Stock/Big Think
    • The earliest dog, not wolf, found so far comes from over 15,000 years ago.
    • A new study tracks the travel and development of dogs since the end of the Ice Age.
    • Insights are derived by comparing ancient canine DNA with ancient human DNA.
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    Dogs take shortcuts based on Earth’s magnetic fields

    New research sees dogs checking a North-South axis on their way home.

    Image source: BIGANDT.COM/Shutterstock
    • As dogs navigate, they appear to be using the Earth's magnetic fields.
    • 170 dogs orient themselves to north and south as they plot shortcuts back to their people.
    • Dogs join the growing number of magnetism-sensitive animals.

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