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“European Union takes turn right.” I don’t agree with this headline which I’ve heard and seen in English several places such as BBC and NPR. I also don’t agree with low turnout being a referendum on dissatisfaction with the European Union. The daily advantages of easy travel and purchasing between countries seems to already be taken for granted.
When blue printing your SEO or Traffic strategy, it is very important to factor in algorithmic changes in search engine land. One day you can be riding high with a Ton of traffic producing a ton of money, the next day you are no where to be seen in the search engines. There are many different SEO tools that keep you ahead of the curve, so that you are prepared when it happens.
The model of being an innovative company has been glorified over the past 10 to 15 years, but as the economy gets more conservative, so do businesses and adaptive thinking becomes a more appropriate model. This is not necessarily the best model, as we need to mold teams to fit the problem.