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Togo Attack

Angolan security forces have arrested two people following a deadly attack on Togo’s football team at the Africa Cup of Nations tournament.

“Angolan authorities have arrested two people over a deadly attack on Togo’s football team at the Africa Cup of Nations tournament, state media says. Angola’s National Radio reported that two suspects were arrested in the northern province of Cabinda – where Togo’s team bus was attacked on Friday. Cabinda has seen a low-level insurgency for many years. Three Togolese officials were killed in Friday’s attack and the team has gone home for three days of mourning. The attack has overshadowed the start of the Cup of Nations – a showpiece event for both Angola, recovering from years of war, and African football ahead of the World Cup in June, which the continent is hosting for the first time. The team was attacked by gunmen as their bus made its way from a training camp in the Republic of Congo to the venue in Cabinda City. A faction of the Cabinda separatist rebel group, Front for the Liberation of the Enclave of Cabinda (Flec), has claimed responsibility for the 30-minute machine-gun attack.”

While the Togo PM calls on the national soccer team to return home following the killing of three players the team wants to stay and compete in their honor.
The Togo national soccer team considers whether to withdraw from the Africa Cup tournament after its bus was ambushed by militants.

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