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California bill to ban single-use plastic by 2030 failed to pass

After China stopped accepting recylables, California was put in a tough place.

Michigan plants 1,000 'happy trees' to honor Bob Ross

Trees rising from the canvas to the sky.

Johns Hopkins opens center for psychedelic research

Moving the needle forward on psychedelic research.

Facebook is considering removing 'like' counts

Could this be a new trend in the social media landscape?

5 essential books for spurring innovation

These books will help you ideate more creatively.

Set ablaze: More fires burning in Central Africa than Amazon

Reviewing the conflagration within Central Africa.

How mirror neurons allow us to send other people ‘good vibes’

Mirror neurons bounce smiles from one person to the next.

5 ways CRISPR will reshape humanity and the world

A transformational tool for the future of the world.

7 tips on how to boost creativity in the workplace

Turning the office into a place of artistry.

First solar roadway in France turned out to be a 'total disaster'

French newspapers report that the trial hasn't lived up to expectations.

Why the Automation Age might still need us around to work

Yes, the robots are coming — but take a breath.

Tiny parks for bees line the streets of this Dutch city

Atop hundreds of bus stops, rest stops for bees.

Harvard launches law firm for animal advocacy

Animal law is the fastest growing legal discipline.

The difference between schadenfreude and sadism

The fine lines between enjoying another person's misery.

Tigers are making a massive comeback in India — up 33% in four years

Tiger reserves and a concentrated public effort has brought this animal roaring back to India.

American kids today dream of being vloggers, not astronauts

The dream of space travel has been usurped by superficiality.

The dirty side of renewable energy

Our clean energy needs to be sourced responsibly right from the get-go.

Discovered: Cosmic, translucent 'pearls' in fossilized Florida clams

Tiny glassy beads called microtektites were found in fossilized shell remains.

In France, ancient forests are resurging — growing bigger every year

France's forests are even creeping up on their major cities.

New study uncovers China's massive hidden lending to poor countries

New report shows the extent of China's hidden power as the developing world's creditor.

Early usage of schadenfreude in English and literature

Schadenfreude has always been with us.

U.S. Air Force warns UFO enthusiasts against storming Area 51

Jokesters and serious Area 51 raiders would be met with military force.

Is globalization doomed? Economist Michael O'Sullivan believes so.

Why one expert believes it is knocking on death's door.

Top 10 schools in Asia

Some of the world's most prestigious universities aren't in America.

Deer antlers are a 'controlled' form of bone cancer growth

Future cancer research may come from studying antler growth.

5 books on the meaning of life

A diversity of opinion on the subject of a meaningful life.

MIT robot solves Rubik's Cube in world record time: 0.38 seconds

This MIT robot solves it faster than any human ever could. It's a world record.

In the future, will we acquire skills, not degrees?

Nontraditional education options are on the rise.

Use these phrases when talking about climate change

Phrases like "Global warming" and "climate change" don't carry any weight.

It's the age of automation and the robots are coming. But for what?

Discover the peril and potential of an automated robotic world.

10 surprising day jobs of famous inventors and scientists

Famous inventors and scientists submission to the daily grind

5 famous inventor biographies

The lives behind a few key inventors.

What nature is — according to philosopher Alan Watts

Philosopher Alan Watts thoughts on the the all-pervading presence of nature.

6 thoughtful and inspiring books for children

Books that will sharpen the youthful mind.

How dictators flourish through social media

What does the power of the online mob hold for tyranny and conformity?

5 secret societies purported to be Illuminati fronts

Elite organizations tend to get conspiracy theorists going.

Alan Watts: What is the self?

Self defined not as individual ego, but the whole universe.

6 books on the occult and mysticism

Biographies, treatises and stories on the occult and its strange cast of characters.

7 essential Eastern philosophy books

Discover the holistic and all-encompassing philosophies of the ancient East.

How Taoist philosophy deals with the concept of anxiety

Perpetual worry doesn't have to be your default mindset.

Alan Watts quotes that will change your perspective on life

Unwind the mind with these thought-provoking Alan Watts quotes.

Alan Watts and the art of meditation

Forget everything you think you know about meditation.

5 definitive books on Leonardo da Vinci

For years we have been fascinated with the artistic prowess of Leonardo da Vinci.

What is the 'Book of Changes'?

The I Ching serves as a foundation for many Eastern philosophies and Western mathematics.

7 of the most popular science books of all time

A primer on the infinite of knowledge waiting to be learned.

How to find your own truth, according to Alan Watts and Joseph Campbell

Finding your own truth without a guiding mythical worldview.

7 common traits of self-transcended people

Maslow's highest level on the hierarchy of needs.

10 Golden Age science fiction novels

Transport yourself to other worlds and states of mind.

Loss of local newspapers is making America more politically polarized

Less local newspapers are making the populace more uninformed.

10 best books for entrepreneurs and inventors

Foundational business books for success.

How the '60s counterculture created Silicon Valley

How did psychedelics and computers converge?

Philosopher Alan Watts on the difference between money and wealth

What would you do if money was no object?