Immersive technology will revolutionize everything from theme parks to daily life

Virtual reality continues to blur the line between the physical and the digital, and it will change our lives forever.

nuclear_lily via Adobe Stock
  • Extended reality technologies — which include virtual reality, augmented reality, and mixed reality — have long captivated the public imagination, but have yet to become mainstream.
  • Extended reality technologies are quickly becoming better and cheaper, suggesting they may soon become part of daily life.
  • Over the long term, these technologies may usher in the "mirror world" — a digital layer "map" that lies atop the physical world and enables us to interact with internet-based technologies more seamlessly than ever.
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Virtual reality tourism can boost travel in a post-pandemic world

Virtual tourism has thus far been a futuristic dream, but a world shaped by Covid-19 may be ready to accept it.

  • The COVID-19 pandemic has upended the travel and tourism industries;
  • Businesses in this sector must build infrastructure and practices that allow people to travel safely in a post-pandemic world and support local communities that benefit from tourism;
  • Augmented, virtual and mixed reality technologies can offer alternative ways to travel the world and an exciting new model for the industry.
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Will virtual reality be the death of truth?

A famous thought experiment from the 1970s is more relevant today than ever before.

  • Philosopher Robert Nozick asked if we would rather live in the real world or inside a virtual reality machine of never-ending pleasure.
  • Frederich Nietzsche asked if truth is really the greatest virtue.
  • People seem to be hard-wired to want the truth, no matter how brutal or unpleasant.
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Deepfake geography: Why fake satellite images are a growing problem

A new study calls the technique "location spoofing."

Photo by Mohit on Unsplash

Research indicates that "deepfake geography," or realistic but fake images of real places, could become a growing problem.

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Virtual reality warps your sense of time

Ever lose track of time while doing something? It gets worse with a VR headset on.

Photo by Bradley Hook from Pexels
  • Gamers often report losing track of time while playing, but virtual reality headsets amplify this effect.
  • Test subjects using headsets were off by an average 28.5 percent more than those using a typical screen.
  • A potential application of this finding is using it to help people endure difficult medical procedures, such as chemotherapy.
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