• As a stand-up comedian, Pete Holmes knows how words can manipulate audiences — for good and bad.
  • Words aren't just words. They stich together our social fabric, helping establish and maintain relationships.
  • Holmes has a clever linguistic exercise meant to bring you closer to the people around you.


Japan upholds ‘forced sterilization’ law for transgender people seeking gender reclassification

"It is unthinkable in this day and time that the law requires a sex-change operation to change gender."

(Photo credit DIPTENDU DUTTA/AFP/Getty Images)
  • So-called mandatory sterilization laws require transgender people to get sterilized before being able to legally change their genders.
  • Activists and other opponents of such legislation call these laws invasive and against the individual's right to self-determination.
  • Japan isn't the only country to still have mandatory sterilization laws, and it wasn't until 2017 that Europe decided to end mandatory sterilization–though not all countries have accepted the change.
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Here’s how Americans voted on key 2018 ballot measures

Voters decided on major changes on issues like marijuana, abortion and Medicaid.

(Photo by Mario Tama/Getty Images)
  • Alabama and West Virginia passed amendments that would effectively outlaw abortion if the Supreme Court overturns Roe.
  • Medical marijuana is now legal in Missouri and Utah, while Michigan legalized recreational marijuana.
  • Missouri and Arkansas will raise the minimum wage significantly over the next several years.
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The evolution of homosexuality: A new theory

How did human homosexuality evolve?


How to be a great parent or friend to trans kids

What can parents and friends of trans people do to help them beat the dismal mental health and suicide statistics? A lot, says Elijah Nealy.

Suicide, substance abuse, mental illness, and harassment affect LGBTQ kids at highly disproportional rates—but there is a single mediating factor that can lower those risks dramatically: family acceptance. LGBTQ teens who experience rejection at home are 8.4 times more likely to have attempted suicide by their early twenties. As the visibility of trans people increases, raising and supporting trans kids is emerging as critical. How can we help them beat the dismal stats? Elijah Nealy shares a few best practices for parents and friends, from understanding gender fluidity and questioning gender norms to respecting pronouns and recognizing that being trans isn't necessarily about body parts—it's about what's going on in someone's mind. These tips may help save a life, and better yet, it can help a trans kid become a confident, healthy, and loved young adult. Elijah Nealy is the author of Transgender Children and Youth: Cultivating Pride and Joy with Families in Transition.