The Christian church so holy that Muslims hold its keys

Six denominations share the Holy Sepulcher, but not all between them is peace and love.

Credit: Emmanuel Dunand via AFP / Getty Images
  • The Church of the Holy Sepulcher is not just the holiest site in Christianity; it is also emblematic of the religion's deep divisions.
  • As the map below shows, six denominations each control part of the church, with only some parts held in common.
  • Each "territory" is jealously guarded and sometimes fought over. The church's keys are held by… two Muslim families.
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Back to back excavations unearth two dozen Egyptian mummies

Well preserved coffins hint towards more discoveries in a famed necropolis.

  • Archaeologists in Egypt have discovered more than two dozen sarcophagi in the last month.
  • Experts predict more discoveries in the coming weeks.
  • Their discovery is another credit to Saqqara, the necropolis of the old capital of Memphis.
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How maps confirm anti-migrant bias

'Battlefield maps' show continent under attack from hostile invaders.

Image: De Correspondent, reproduced with kind permission.
  • Maps aren't objective. And migration maps aren't innocent.
  • Consciously or not, their content and form can confirm anti-migrant prejudices.
  • Alternative mapping options are available – but perhaps the answer isn't a map at all.
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What 11 emerging countries think about increased diversity

Pew Research Center data shows that most people think diversity improves lives in their countries.

  • Pew Research Center surveyed more than 28,000 people across 11 emerging countries.
  • Their data shows that most people believe different racial, national, and religious groups have improved the lives of people in their country.
  • Young people were more likely to see diversity in a positive light, as well as those with higher levels of education.
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    Cannabis discovered at an ancient biblical shrine in Israel

    That's not frankincense you smell at the "holy of the holies."

    Photo courtesy of Tel Aviv.
    • Cannabis and frankincense were discovered at the "holy of holies" shrine in Tel Arad, Israel.
    • Both substances were mixed with animal dung to promote heating.
    • This marks the first time cannabis has been found in the Kingdom of Judah.
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