This interactive face recognition tool measures your attractiveness, BMI and age

A new interactive documentary "How Normal Am I?" helps reveal the shortcomings of facial recognition technology.

  • The website is part of SHERPA, a European Union-funded "project which analyses how AI and big data analytics impact ethics and human rights."
  • The interactive documentary uses your webcam to analyze your face, predicting metrics like age, attractiveness, gender, body mass index and life expectancy.
  • Despite the shortcomings of facial recognition, there's currently no set of national laws regulating the use of the technology by governments or private companies.
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Study: Private prisons result in more inmates, longer sentences

The Labour Economics study suggests two potential reasons for the increase: corruption and increased capacity.

  • After adopting strict sentencing laws in the '80s and '90s, many states have turned to for-profit prisons to handle growing prison populations.
  • A new study in Labour Economics found that privately-run prisons correlate with a rise in incarceration rates and sentence lengths.
  • While evidence is mixed, private prisons do not appear to improve recidivism or cost less than state-run facilities.
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    Jon Stewart: Congress is abandoning veterans exposed to toxic 'burn pits'

    Stewart is supporting a new bill that aims to extend health care and disability benefits to veterans who served alongside burn pits.

    Credit: Bryan Bedder / Getty
    • Thousands of American veterans who served in Iraq and Afghanistan were exposed to burn pits, which may have caused diseases like asthma and cancer.
    • Burn pits were used as a crude way to dispose of waste, including plastics, body parts, dead animals, and hazardous chemicals.
    • Despite gaps in the research linking exposure to medical conditions, advocates say the benefit of the doubt should go to veterans.
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    Andrew Yang backs California’s data privacy campaign

    "Our data should be ours no matter what platforms and apps we use," Yang said.

    (Photo by Stephen Maturen/Getty Images)
    • In November, Californians will vote to pass Proposition 24, which aims to expand data privacy laws in the state.
    • Proposition 24 aims to strengthen the California Consumer Privacy Act, which went into effect this year.
    • However, some privacy advocates say Proposition 24 doesn't go far enough, and in some cases actually erodes the CCPA.
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    Mexico City just outlawed gay conversion therapy. These cities have not

    Mexico City, already progressive, takes more steps to protect its LGBT+ citizens.

    John Moore/Getty Images
    • Mexico City has just issued a ban protecting its citizens from "conversion therapy."
    • "Conversion therapy" is a loose term covering a wide variety of "treatments" which claim to alter a person's sexuality.
    • With the law, Mexico City joins a small club of countries, provinces, and municipalities with such a law.
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