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I wish women would consider other women (especially those much older or much younger than themselves) less as enemies and more as friends, deep vaults of knowledge, wisdom, and empathy. Because it’s the truth.
Our world needs youth leaders in our communities now from ages 14-25. We need to harness their energy and ideas, give the tools effective leadership and then let them lead! Our leaders in the US congress, corporations, and non-profits need term limits to ensure that the torches of leadership pass smoothly. This will allow our elders to Think Big about new projects as the pass existing programs onto others.
The party system in India requires modifying if not changing altogether because it is the primary cause of everything that’s wrong in the governance of the country. In the U.K., Sir Paul Judge has founded an organization called The Jury Team that promotes independent candidates. Whether this could work in India or not is a moot point, given the vast difference in electorate size between India and the UK – but we certainly need to think out of the box if India is to realize its potential
A system offering viable Political MicroTransaction (1 cent to legal limits) with Electoral/Geographic Networking DRIVE the natural growth of a Distributed Network for effective Speech & Association in the SCALED Commons. A For-Profit model with Exit Strategy by sale to the donor base then becomes a check on government and large private interests & is a neglected FUNDAMENTAL for scaling Political Speech. Prototype & FAQ