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George Halvorson Sits Down with Big Think

George Halvorson, the CEO of Kaiser Permanente, is one of the more outspoken critics on the current U.S. health care system. He came by Big Think last week to talk about what he envisions as the ideal plan: a universal system based entirely around the patient. In order for this new plan to be successful, Halvorson urges that we complete two consecutive steps: first, universal health care. Then, a new framework. In the mean time, he says, we could take a few hints from the Dutch.

Halvorson also explained the all-encompassing health care giant Kaiser and how it works. He walked us through their model, one that he lauds as efficient. According to Halvorson, it’s Kaiser’s use of technology that sets them apart. Where else can you communicate with all of your doctors via cyber appointments?

In the end, Halvorson says he’s optimistic about the future of American health care. He even takes a moment to offer up some authentic CEO advice.


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