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Take back Gore’s Oscar, say two Motion Picture Academy members in light of Climate-gate emails indicating undue influence on climate data.
Bolivia’s incumbent president, Evo Morales, is expected to win reelection after nationalizing oil and gas industries and fighting indigenous poverty.
As an artist who famously dubbed his studio the Factory, deciding whether a newfound Warhol piece is authentic or fake is turning vitriolic.
Apple’s purchase of the online music streamer LaLa signals the first major change to the iTunes platform since it revolutionized the music market.
Obama has announced he will attend the final weekend of the Copenhagen Climate Change Conference giving him more authority to shape the final outcome.
The White House has announced plans to increase its drone program in the Taliban-overrun areas of Pakistan in order to compliment the decision to send 30,000 more troops to Afghanistan.
Wartime romance flick “Brothers” starring Jake Gyllenhaal has commenced the inevitable onslaught of Hollywood’s interpretation of the Afghanistan and Iraq wars.
Johann Hari of The Independent is praying for the global warming deniers to be proven right, but asks why others are prepared to take a 50:50 gamble on the habitability of the planet.
An enzyme in human blood that enables our lungs to exhale carbon dioxide could be “the key to isolation carbon dioxide emissions from coal plants” in order to safely store them, scientists claim.
Providing birds with seed can affect the evolution of our feathered friends according to research by European scientists – and could lead to the formation of new species.
Senator John McCain is urging elderly Americans to chop up their AARP membership cards and mail them to the organization which he claims is betraying them by supporting healthcare reform.
Sarah Palin has jumped on the Obama “birth heritage” bandwagon by declaring that the legitimacy of the American president’s birth certificate is a “rightful” issue and “fair game”.