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A silent home movie showing Hollywood icon Marilyn Monroe smoking marijuana has been unearthed and sold to a collector after languishing for 50 years in a granny’s attic.
Plans to develop advanced prosthetic limbs would offer the same level of flexibility, dexterity and feedback that a hand could offer according to the project’s developers.
Scientists have discovered that women live longer than men because they are made of different stuff – the study suggests that sperm may have a detrimental effect on lifespan.
Mayor of Baltimore Sheila Dixon has been convicted by a court of the single charge of taking gift cards intended for the city’s poor worth $630.
There’s a herd of tame elephants in Indonesia that is used to patrol the 200,000 acre park-like jungle Guardian Angels to stop intruding pachyderms from killing humans.
The human condition of “loneliness” is contagious and can spread among groups of people in the same manner as the common cold, according to new research.
Wealthy tourists are lining up to buy seats on a Virgin Galactic rocket propelled aircraft that will go so high it’s passengers will experience total weightlessness.
Microsoft has denied speculation that recent security updates to the Windows 7, Vista and XP applications are responsible for the recent surge in “black screens of death.”
House Speaker Nancy Pelosi has come under fire for spending nearly $3,000 of tax payer’s money on flowers in four months while Whip James Clayburn has spent hundreds on donuts.
Hundreds of Jupiter-like planets and a handful of Earth-sized plants have been discovered by astronomers fuelling hope of finding alien life forms.
The Seattle Times is utilising new Google technology to help inform the manhunt for the shooter responsible for the deaths of four Seattle police officers.
Western countries have warned Iran not to defy international demands by carrying out its plan to build 10 uranium enrichment sites which could be used to develop nuclear arms.
The numbers for setting carbon emissions targets “don’t add up” according to the Washington Post because they’re based on outdated projections.
Health bills currently going through Congress would fail to block hundreds of thousands of illegal immigrants from coverage according to The Washington Times.
For millennia, men have assumed a certain dominance, both physically and culturally, over the world around them. Yet, as we enter an age of disruption, wherein the norms of history […]
The Royal Society was founded in 1650, and has been a vital hub of scientific research and exchange ever since. In fact, as Steven Shapin and Simon Schaffer have shown, […]