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An Australian senator has accused the Church of Scientology of being a criminal organization and has called for its investigation by the police.
Expectations for the Copenhagen summit next month are dropping like a cartoon anvil. Where once there was talk of a comprehensive international accord on cutting greenhouse-gas emissions, now the great […]
Stewart Brand’s latest book, “Whole Earth Discipline: An Ecopragmatist Manifesto,” contains a dagger in its subtitle. To write a manifesto on behalf of “ecopragmatism” is to imply that the current […]
Steven Pinker’s attack on Malcolm Gladwell in the New York Times Book Review was more lucid and entertaining than it was intellectually honest. Pinker’s take-away claim is that Gladwell’s work […]
“You Better Not Cry” author Augusten Burroughs treats fans to a second Big Think interview this week, just in time for the holiday season. Famous since his 2001 bestseller “Running […]
After Israel released photographs claiming to prove Iran was importing weapons to Hezbollah militia, Iranian news agencies have retorted claiming the images were forged.
Is Lang Lang the most popular pianist on the planet? CNN talks to China’s biggest prodigy a year after he took to the world’s stage.
The police reportedly suggested that gay a gay teenager brutally murdered in Puerto Rico deserved what he got due to his “type of lifestyle”.
Tough guys don’t cry. But during what’s been called the “he-cession,” they have plenty of reason to. As writer/journalist Reihan Salam explained to Big Think in an interview today, not only […]