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The US government has agreed to forgo billions in tax payments from Citigroup as part of a deal to help the company repay the massive taxpayer bailout which helped it weather the crisis.
The Obama administration is supporting the “loosening” of international copyright laws to enable cross-border distributions of special format reading materials for the blind.
The former prime minister of Russia, Yegor Gaidar, who three years ago accused the authorities of trying to poison him, has been found dead of a “blood clot” aged 53.
Police in Pakistan are investigating a possible link between the killing of a leading Al-Qaeda militant last week and a bomb attack yesterday in Punjab which killed more than 20 people.
After the administration released estimates that the Troubled Asset Relief Program (TARP) to bail out failing financial institutions would cost $200 billion less than originally thought, President Obama suggested using […]
The Huffington Post will sell parts of its comments section as advertising space in order to increase add revenue. Advertisers will “create a dialogue” with readers. “Forget fair and unfair, […]
What do popular T-Shirt slogans tell us about our current notions of happiness? According to Big Think’s new guest, Steven Hayes, they signal that mass, commercial culture has cheapened our […]
A boom in the demand for illegal motorbikes in Gaza is fuelling a dangerous – and sometimes deadly – smuggling trade orchestrated via complex tunnels all the way from Egypt.
Displeased Indonesians have been venting via Facebook outraged that a statue of a young Obama, “who is not an Indonesian national hero”, has been installed in a Jakarta park.
The soot emitted when fossil fuels are burned, known as “black carbon”, could have a bigger impact on climate in some parts of the world than greenhouse gases, new research reveals.
An ice-making kit which urges drinkers to recreate the sinking of Titanic using ice cube replicas of the ship and surrounding icebergs has been branded “sick” by consumers.
Thousands have been evacuated from the areas surrounding the Mayon volcano in the Philippines after it began oozing lava and shooting plumes of ash.
Iran may have tested a key component of atomic bombs as recently as 2007 according to diplomats – a claim that undermines Iran’s insistence its nuclear development is civilian.
Rarely has so much buzz surrounded a Big Think guest. It was our pleasure today to have historian of technology Dr. Rachel Maines in to discuss her bestselling 1999 volume, […]
After President Obama’s recent speeches—one at West Point proposing sending more troops to Afghanistan and one accepting the Nobel Peace Prize in Oslo—commentators have been quick to articulate the “Obama […]