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The Nation says public subsidy can save journalism in America. The Columbia Journalism Review predicts public outcry at impending Wall Street bonuses. The U.K.’s Digital Economy Bill could grant Google […]
Paleontologist Peter Ward, professor of biology at the University of Washington and an expert on mass extinction events, stopped by Big Think today to discuss nothing less than the fate […]
Product safety officers are launching an investigation into the presence of the toxic metal cadmium in children’s jewelry import from China after evidence of the substance was found.
A cure may have been found for a defective alcohol metabolism enzyme that affects and estimated 1 billion people worldwide, according to research by the NIAAA.
A New Jersey company called TrueCompanion has unveiled the world’s first “sex robot” – a woman replica called “Roxxxy” who has different personalities and responds to touch.
The Pope has denounced the violent clashes between Italians and illegal immigrants which has left dozens injured in the southern town of Rosarno in the last few days.
Two further churches have been firebombed in Malaysia yesterday, bringing the total to six, as the row over the translation of Muslim “Allah” for the Christian “god” escalates.
The United Arab Emirates has issued a law restricting the use of tobacco and its marketing unless specific standard requirements are met.
Angolan security forces have arrested two people following a deadly attack on Togo’s football team at the Africa Cup of Nations tournament.
The EPA will introduce new smog standards soon that will cost billions to business but be offset by gains in public health.
Scientists have discovered that plants activate and deactivate certain genes according to temperature variation aiding them in climate adaptation.
While the Togo PM calls on the national soccer team to return home following the killing of three players the team wants to stay and compete in their honor.