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The American art scene lost one of the great, yet forgotten artists of the twentieth century last Tuesday with the passing of Kenneth Noland at 85 years of age.  One […]
How many parasites live inside us? What is the relationship between internal parasites and allergies? And could one parasite even have affected our brain chemistry over the course of millennia? Science […]
The only official survivor of both the Hiroshima and Nagasaki atomic bombs in Japan has died of stomach cancer in his nineties.
Fat mass is important for increasing bone size in girls according to researchers who found that excessive dieting in young women greatly increases the risk of osteoporosis.
Japan’s new finance minister Naoto Kan has said it would be “nice” to see a weaker yen in order to aid the recovery of the Japanese economy, during a press conference.
A major upsurge in violence in Africa’s Sudan is threatening the country’s 2005 peace agreement according to a coalition of aid agencies in the south of the region.
A suicide bomb in Russia’s Degestan has killed five “hero” police officers after they prevented the bomber from ramming an explosive-filled SUV into police headquarters.
Conflict between hardline animal rights groups and whalers in the Antarctic has reached crisis point after a Japanese whaling ship tore the bow off a protest vessel yesterday.
Fossilised footprints dating back 395m years have shed new light on the “evolutionary milestone” of the transition of aquatic fish into terrestrial animals.
The underwhelming results of the Copenhagen Accord during last month’s United Nations Climate Change Conference in Denmark sent me searching my mental files for examples of how art has documented […]
Google’s rival to Apple’s iPhone hits the market to a fanfare of adulation and scepticism in equal measure – but can it live up to its “superphone” tagline?
Yemeni police have captured what is believed to be the key Al-Qaeda chief behind the threats on foreign embassies in the capital Sanaa, according to security officials.
Pending sales of previously owned US homes tumbled 16 per cent during November – a much higher number than predicted because of the end rush to beat tax credits.
An American pilot has pleaded guilty to being over the alcohol limit as he prepared to take off from Heathrow Airport in London, England.
The G-Spot, a theoretical female erogenous zone, has been dismissed as “subjective” by scientists in London who carried out tests on identical twins between the ages to 23 and 83.
Analysis of images of “ancient lakes” on Mars’ equator suggests similarities to lakes found in Alaska and Siberia, adding to the likelihood that there was once life on the Red Planet.