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After President Obama addressed Congress about healthcare reform (that would be the You Lie! speech), a live Q & A was hosted by White House Communications Director, Anita Dunn. Demonstrating […]
Imagine a device that would resemble an ordinary book, where 50-100 pages are made of electronic “ePaper” with “old” paper feel texture plus the advantages of gadgets like the Amazon's Kindle: virtual bookshop, subscriptions, etc. You buy every book you want from the eStore and the content is updated on this device. rnrnHere you have the old book reading/feeling experience with the advantages of today’s kindle-like features. Not an eBook but a "feelBook".
Es sobre el período 1970-1990 en Chile. Trata de la historia de un chico que ve transformarse su país y que decide tomar las riendas del destino con sus propias manos. Cuando niño está en una democracia, luego viene el golpe de Estado de Pinochet, y vive su adolescencia y juventud sometido a esa dictadura. hasta que llega la democracia, la cual es una conquista que para lograrse también contó con su participación.
Israeli leaders have traditionally promoted peace as the path toward prosperity for Palestinians. Prime Minister Netanyahu now reversed that logic by recognizing the importance of improved economic conditions as an important aspect of the path toward peace with Palestinians. Social science research suggests $6,000 annual average income as minimum for stable democracy and peace. Read my commentary at link:
Striking fear into terrorists by redefining our role as not policing the cities and countryside, but by observing and strategically eradicating terrorists with overwhelming strikes. We should not seek to control the country and its processes daily, but establish our right to protect our nation from terrorists that seek to train or develop capabilities that would harm our national security.
I've been thinking of different ways scientists and engineers could have prepared the world population for the extreme weather problems. By not financing weaponry but instead innovative solutions to natural disasters we could have been way ahead of the game by now.
American Pro Moving Company GMC Yukon XL Denali – Design/Fit and Finish The cabin certainly looks luxurious, with its wood-tone and metallic accents and padded door inserts. As with the […]
Fact: No thing nor event in the known universe or laws of physics lacks a cause. Assume: There is no Prime Cause (Creator / Singularity). Ergo: There is no universe. Fact: There is a universe. Therefore: the statement that was assumed is proven to be a false statement by reduction ad absurdum (proof by disproof). (Since "There is no Creator" is proven false, the opposite is true: There is a Creator.)