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Big Think Welcomes New Blogger Lindsay Beyerstein

This week Big Think is pleased to welcome the newest member of our blogging team: acclaimed investigative journalist and photographer Lindsay Beyerstein. Lindsay’s BT blog, Focal Point, will be a continuation of her previous blog, Majikthise, and will cover “politics, ideas, photography, and feminism” with the timeliness and humor that have won her fans across the globe.

Based in Brooklyn, NY, Lindsay was the recipient of a 2009 Project Censored Award and has spoken about journalism and media at MIT, the Center for American Progress, the National Organization for Women conference, and BlogHer. Her reporting has appeared in Salon, Slate, The New York Press, In These Times, and AlterNet, among other publications. She is also the author of Morning Coffee, a daily international news bulletin produced by the UN Foundation’s UN Dispatch Blog.

Lindsay’s first Big Think post appears this morning. Enjoy!


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