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House Democrats are in trouble. Even with substantial majorities in both houses of Congress, Democrats have been unable to get the economy back to operating at full capacity. Whatever the […]
Whether out of financial prudence or budgetary necessity, the annual summer vacation has been a “staycation” for millions of families during this recession year. Local attractions have had to do, […]
In the city of Juarez, Mexico, thousands are killed each year as a result of drug-related violence highlighting the inadequacies of American-Mexican drug policies.
The Senate Judiciary Committee has unanimously agreed to reduce the sentencing disparity between crack and cocaine to 18:1, down from 100:1. The vote envisages similar legislation.
As Secretary of State under President Reagan, Chief of Staff for Nixon and Ford and a four star general, Haig was a war hero and once wrongly assumed control of the Presidency.
Newt Gingrich is in trouble again, having gaffed while trying to brush off another gaffe made earlier this week on The Daily Show, succeeding only in digging his hole deeper…
On Thursday, Sen. Richard Shelby (R-AL) placed a “blanket hold” on all of President Obama’s nominees, effectively preventing the Senate from voting on any of them. In a statement, Shelby’s […]
President Obama’s poll numbers slipped dramatically over his first year in office. Since last February, the percent of Americans who say they approve of his performance has fallen twenty points. […]
David Mamet’s new play “Race” which opened on Broadway last night is about two lawyers defending a rich white man against charges of raping his black girlfriend.
Forget Rahm Emanuel, House Speaker Nancy Pelosi has “earned the badge of the toughest nut in F***nutsville” and is one of history’s most skilled vote-getters, writes Richard Adams.
Prof. Krugman VS Tim Geithner, To Whom will be right (part II).rn rn I hate to see Rupert Murdoch’s WSJ can even figure out a way to home deliver its newspaper to rural area, that NYT CANNOT! That worries me, in NYT almost every day it seems to me that the Columnists, in NYT write articles that aim at teaching other how to save the world. In realty they can not save my beloved (may be not his!) NYT from depression! How can make me believe their writing?rn rn rnrnrnrnrn rn