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Long-time readers of Endless Innovation no doubt realize that the inspiration for this blog’s title derives from Darwin’s famous quote from the final sentence of The Origin of Species about […]
Ices stripped off a long-lost moon may have provided the raw materials for Saturn’s rings and inner satellites before the Titan-twin slammed into its mother planet, new research shows.
Good metaphors are expansive; they compare something we don’t understand, to something we do. You see in a new light both the object of interest and the substrate you rest it on.
Scientists at Europe’s best particle-physics laboratory have been able to trap a very small amount of antihydrogen—the simplest type of anti-atom—for the first time.
This year marks the 35th anniversary of the publication of ‘Montaillou’, a book in the French literary tradition that treats laziness with the gravity and intelligence it deserves.
Yesterday, SpaceX became the very first commercial company in history to re-enter spacecraft from low-Earth orbit. Another first was on November 23rd when the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) issued a […]
“Physicists struggling to reconcile gravity with quantum mechanics have hailed a theory—inspired by pencil lead—that could make it all very simple.” The New Scientist reports.