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Scaling back Bush's promised manned moon landing left Obama in the cold of deep space, but now compromises are being made with NASA.
NASA's new goals were explored in New York last week in light of the reality that the manned spaceflight program has been scrapped. Is it really the end of Americans in space?
Researchers have come up with a reason why sand grains can build up electrical charges as they collide with one another -- sometimes to the point of creating lightning during dust storms and volcanic eruptions.
The remnants of a vast sheet of ice lies hidden under Martian rubble, revealed by a new and wonderfully detailed radar map of Mars’ mid-latitudes.
Lasers are vaporizing materials including rocks and steel in order to allow scientists to analyze their chemical composition in transference of such techniques from Mars probes to forensics.
Silicon Valley startup Bloom Energy has unveiled new technology which can “harnesses chemical reactions to create energy” in the hope of revolutionizing the world’s fuel sources.
The first evidence of a snake eating a dinosaur has been found by scientists who discovered a 67 million-year-old fossilised serpent coiled around dinosaur eggs and newborns.
Analysis of images of “ancient lakes” on Mars’ equator suggests similarities to lakes found in Alaska and Siberia, adding to the likelihood that there was once life on the Red Planet.
For now the U.S. is content to encourage privately funded space missions and international cooperation while a new Space Race may soon fill the vacuum left by a hobbled NASA.
NASA’s Martian rover Spirit will officially rove no more. After being stuck in a sand pit on Mars for the last 10 months, it has been announced that the aging shuttle will not be moved.
DNA tests on Origin of the Species author Charles Darwin's great grandson have revealed that the founder of evolution evolved from the first group of Homo sapiens to leave Africa.
Crystal formations on the moon’s surface, found by India’s Chandrayaan-1 probe, prove that “a rolling ocean of magma once engulfed the rocky body of our satellite.”
New evidence suggests that remnants of Martian microbes were transported to Earth in a meteorite that crashed into Antarctica 13,000 years ago.
You may have missed it between the 40th anniversary of the first Apollo moon landing and the glowing tributes to the man who broadcast it to much of America, the […]