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Dear Friends and Supporters, On Sunday, November 12th in Racine, I will hold my 1000th Listening Session with the people of Wisconsin. Before reaching that milestone, I want you to […]
"The ex-president gives a sense of day-to-day life in the Oval Office—and plays the blame game." The L.A. Times reviews the diaries Carter wrote during his presidency.
Solar panels for the home and alternative fuel for transportation are two of the most widespread threads of innovation in sustainability, but they are rarely if ever discussed in parallel. […]
Some volcanic news bits, including more eruptions from Barujari in Indonesia, how geothermal energy could save Iceland and the results of the next Volcano Profile poll.
"While eating a varied and balanced diet is the best way to get the micronutrients the body requires, some essential vitamins are difficult to come into contact with naturally."
As usual, California is the battlefront for energy and climate change issues. Oil refiners Valero and Tesoro have spent $5.5 million dollars in support of California’s Proposition 23, which would […]