Why It's Getting Harder to "Stick It to the Man"

Nothing reflects the complex mood of our era like gaming, says Nato Thompson, where the establishment has worked its way into the anti-establishment ethos.


What’s common to most movements of dissent, is that they don’t stay pure for long. Art curator and cultural critic Nato Thompson uses gaming to show how the anti-establishment ethos within those games has been commandeered by the very thing it sought to stick it to: "the man". The same goes for big corporations like Coca Cola and Apple, who position themselves as the ordinary human. Institutions use dissenting art and culture to ensure profits. "The spirit of anti-establishment gets into the establishment," says Thompson, and he perceives that as a broad phenomenon. America, especially in 2017, is deeply anti-establishment. Thompson wonders whether that once-useful ethos has tipped over from constructive to destructive. Nato Thompson’s most recent book is Culture as Weapon: The Art of Influence in Everyday Life.

Nato Thompson’s most recent book is Culture as Weapon: The Art of Influence in Everyday Life .

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