Millennials reconsidering finances and future under COVID-19

A new survey found that 27 percent of millennials are saving more money due to the pandemic, but most can't stay within their budgets.

  • Millennials have been labeled the "unluckiest generation in U.S. history" after the one-two financial punch of the Great Recession and the pandemic shutdowns.
  • A recent survey found that about a third of millennials felt financially unprepared for the pandemic and have begun saving.
  • To achieve financial freedom, millennials will need to take control of their finances and reinterpret their relationship with the economy.
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    AI and robotics are revolutionizing restaurant kitchens—here’s how you can invest

    Miso Robotics has already served up over 12,000 hamburgers.

    Credit: Courtesy of Miso Robotics
    • Quick service restaurants are facing growing labor, food, and real estate costs.
    • Miso Robotics is working with these restaurants to lower labor costs via automation.
    • Miso Robotics has already produced over 60,000 pounds of food with its revolutionary technology.
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    Learn the fundamentals of real estate for just $25

    The market is moving — dive in now.

    • The pandemic is accelerating real estate transactions into the digital age.
    • Despite an economic downturn, certain real estate markets are booming.
    • Professional real estate investment techniques are skills anyone can learn.
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    Income is tied to happiness and hope for the future

    Money can't buy happiness, but try being hopeful and broke at the same time.

    Credit: Perfectlab/Shutterstock
    • A new study finds money alone doesn't make people happy—they need some hope for the future too.
    • The study adds to the increasing pile of literature on the subject of how hope influences our wellbeing.
    • The findings, particularly on when this effect doesn't work, may have implications for future policy decisions.
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    Personal finance: How to save, spend, and think rationally about money

    Finances can be a stressor, regardless of tax bracket. Here are tips for making better money decisions.

    • Whether you have a lot of money or a lot of debt, it matters how you handle your personal finances. A crucial step when it comes to saving is to reassess your relationship with money and to learn to adopt a broader, more logical point of view.
    • In this video, social innovator and activist Vicki Robin, psychologist Daniel Kahneman, Harvard Business School professor Michael Norton, and author Bruce Feiler offer advice on achieving financial independence, learning to control your emotions, spending smarter, and teaching children about money.
    • It all starts with education and understanding. The more you know about how money works, the better you will be at avoiding mistakes and the easier it will be to take control of your financial circumstances.
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