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A study published today in the journal Stem Cells and Development renders the male gender, evolutionarily speaking, unnecessary. Researchers from Newcastle University and the Northeast England Stem Cell Institute (NESCI) […]
Now come Mr. Barack Obama, he listens to Winston Churchill’s word Jaw Jaw is better than war war. However, he and his untested brightest and smartest guys want to change everything, ENERGY, EDUCATION, AND HEALTH CARE AND FINISH TWO WARS. AND BAILED OUT THE MAY BE 21st CENTRY THE GREATEST RECESSION. rnrnrnI know Mr. McNamara was gone. What about the untested brightest and smartest guys? Are they right this time?!rnrnrnrnrn
The EU is taking a lot of criticism mostly from the U.S.A. and England. If the critics would take a closer look at the accomplishments between science, technology and education they might see a different picture. Often their assumptions forget to include, quality of life, in their equation.
India’s rural poor are still waiting after over six decades of independence for their share of the pie. The way things look, this won’t happen anytime soon, and they will continue to scratch a meagre living from the soil unless some dramatic big idea thinking is done – and implemented.