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Unstylish Exit

An attempt by Carrie Prejean to storm off Larry King was thwarted by dithering and a commercial break.

“Lou Dobbs wasn’t the only right-wing populist to attempt a dramatic CNN exit last night. Unfortunately, he’s the only one who succeeded, because former Miss California and Christianist poster girl Carrie Prejean can’t even throw a proper on-set hissy fit,” reports Gawker. While on the show Carrie gets upset about a reference to a sex-tape law suit. “Carrie complains that King is ‘being inappropriate,’ and after a full minute of wrangling, she removes her microphone and announces she is leaving—only to end up sitting there for another minute, grinning and playing the “I ca-a-an’t he-e-ear y-o-o-ou” game until Larry cuts to commercial. The ensuing commercial break was deeply suspenseful. Would Carrie be on set when we returned? I can only imagine what sort of harsh, frantically whispered words were spoken during these moments, because when the show returned, Carrie’s microphone had miraculous been rewired and King apologized to Prejean.”


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