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Arming Hezbollah?

Israel claims it has seized a cargo ship containing evidence that Iran is supplying Lebanese militant group Hezbollah with weapons.

“The Israeli military on Wednesday released documents and photos it said proved Iran was behind a huge shipment of weapons Israeli navy commandos intercepted last week,” reports Associated Press. Israel claims that a cargo ship seized by its troops was carrying 500 tons of Iranian-made weapons intended for Lebanese Hezbollah militants and that the ship have containers with Iranian markings on it. “On Wednesday, the military released what it said was the ship’s manifest that showed it was handled by ‘Islamic Republic of Iran’s Shipping Lines.’ It also produced labeling from the containers indicating the ship originated in Isfahan, Iran, and a customs form stamped by the Iranian armed forces.”

After Israel released photographs claiming to prove Iran was importing weapons to Hezbollah militia, Iranian news agencies have retorted claiming the images were forged.

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