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When it comes to thinking big, it doesn’t get much bigger than determining the most significant year in human history. The Economist’s has launched a poll asking visitors to […]
Miller-McCune is reporting today on a Personality and Social Psychologystudy indicating that a connection to nature not only has stress-reducing and healing qualities, but that it also makes us kinder […]
In this article concepts of greed, desire and sustainability are explored. It is shown that by sublimating our greed impulses and desires into higher good and by living a simple life we all can live happily and sustainably.
A news article from New Zealand, more relevant to the dark ages. press/news/christchurch/2746441/Faith-healers-attack-cancer-with-prayer
If you think American insurance companies have a morbid business plan, consider Hollywood estate managers. While legal maneuvering continues over the rights to Michael Jackson’s estate, the King of Pop […]