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A luxury cruise liner which usually delivers tourists to a beach near Port-au-Prince has said it will donate spare sun loungers and beach furniture to make a temporary hospital for victims.
Withholding HIV treatments led to the death of 330,000 people in South Africa as the result of AIDs denialist policies according to a new report which proves the benefits of treatment.
Three Somali pirates have been killed and others wounded in an overnight gun battle concerning the sharing of a ransom paid for the release of a Greek-flagged supertanker.
Stunning images of sea ice formations have been published by Wired, capturing the Wilkins ice shelf on the Antarctic Peninsula and other areas of eerie natural beauty.
The man tried to murder Pope John Paul II and later claimed to be Jesus has emerged from prison demanding $7m for tell-all film and book deals which he wants Dan Brown to write.
When the women artists of today look back in history for examples to follow, they usually limit themselves to the artists of the twentieth century. Sure, an Artemisia Gentileschi here […]
About 50,000 years ago, on the Mediterranean coast of what is now Spain, somebody (or bodies) was keeping carefully ground-up pigments–red, yellow, orange and shiny black–in neatly pierced seashells. That’s […]
Desperate Haitians and global aid agencies are begging for more effective assistance as food and water supplies run out and the relief effort fails to reach those most vulnerable.
Democrats and Republicans have ramped up their efforts to secure votes for a seat in the Senate which will be critical to passing, or not passing, Obama’s health care reform bill.
Having a derriere and thighs which are disproportionately large compared with your upper torso, otherwise known as being “pear shaped”, could have serious health benefits.
A British man has been arrested under the Terrorism Act and given an airport life ban after he used Twitter to vent his anger about disrupted travel plans caused by bad weather.
Troops and riot police has been despatched to the Nigerian city of Jos after fights between gangs of Muslim and Christian youths led to a reported 12 deaths.
Millionaire Sebastián Piñera won a landmark victory in Sunday's presidential election, and will become Chile's first conservative leader since the end of the dictatorship of Augusto Pinochet.
“You can kill the dreamer, but you cannot kill the dream,” was the defiant message delivered by a close compatriot of Martin Luther King more than four decades after his death.
It has taken nearly 22 years for Ali Hassan al-Majid to be judged by Iraqis for perpetrating one of the worst massacres in modern history, reports The Times.
Gunfire and explosions ripped through Kabul early this morning after Taliban gunmen, some strapped with suicide bombs, launched a commando-style assault on government buildings.
For those of us who didn’t live in the time that the moral giant Martin Luther King, Jr., walked the earth, we have only the pictures—the young, fiery preacher, the […]