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Anoushesh Ansari is the world’s first female private space explorer, as well as the first astronaut of Iranian descent. Today, in a Big Think interview (conducted in partnership with the […]
Would you like to have access to your genetic information? Isn’t your genetic information fundamentally yours? Shouldn’t it be your choice whether to access it? These are the questions that […]
For many of the musicians that Big Think has talked to over the past year, becoming a rock star was only the first step of a much more ambitious agenda.  […]
In partnership with Pfizer, Big Think presents an online forum on breakthroughs in medicine featuring presentations by top figures in the fields of personal genomics and pandemics.
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In partnership with SAP, Big Think presents a series of conversations with some of the world’s leading experts on business sustainability. Available exclusively on Big Think and MSNBC, these insightful […]
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India's rural poor are still waiting after over six decades of independence for their share of the pie. The way things look, this won't happen anytime soon, and they will continue to scratch a meagre living from the soil unless some dramatic big idea thinking is done - and implemented.
This essay describes a model for urban development that takes into account and makes use of the externalities that exist in the built environment. Buildings and the people that inhabitat them makes neighborhoods and vice versa the value of a building is in its locations. How can better frame this relationship between an object and its environment? How can develop strategies for a integral area development that learn from the best global examples?