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One of the biggest criticisms of contemporary art is that it has no connection to the community. These works seemingly exist in a vacuum with no ties to the people […]
Hoping to make offshore wind farms more profitable, Norwegian experts are building the world’s largest and most powerful turbine, but with a twist – it floats!
It was a star-spangled day for America at the Winter Olympics in Vancouver, Canada yesterday with a trio of home-grown athletes striking gold.
A group of butterflies sent into outer space as part of an experiment are having trouble flying in the low gravity conditions which flings them into “chaotic and rapid flight”.
The latest astronauts to reach the International Space Station have kicked off a Space-based Christmas by arriving wearing Santa hats, elf costumes and clutching a Christmas tree.
Expectations for the Copenhagen summit next month are dropping like a cartoon anvil. Where once there was talk of a comprehensive international accord on cutting greenhouse-gas emissions, now the great […]