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Yesterday on the front page of the Wall Street Journal (“In Race to Take Tourists Into Orbit, Partners Split, Soar”), Andy Pasztor described the innovation grudge match between two space […]
“The age of plastic, disposability and consumerism was an artefact of overproduction in the oil industry. Higher prices and harder access will usher in a different age,” says Andrew Simms.
Yesterday, SpaceX became the very first commercial company in history to re-enter spacecraft from low-Earth orbit. Another first was on November 23rd when the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) issued a […]
“Are We Heading for a Space Bubble? The supply of new spacecraft, launchers, and spaceports may soon exceed the demand.” Technology Review on the booming private space business.
Eruptions reader Ross was very right in pointing out that something is up at Redoubt. The Alaska Volcano Observatory has put Redoubt on orange alert for aviation and suggest that […]
nn Some more information is coming out about the activity at Koryak (aka Koryaksky) in Kamchatka. Russian geologist Alexei Ozerov says that the activity at Koryak (note: the image in the article […]