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Cleveland erupts!

Cleveland volcano in Alaska produced a 20,000 foot ash plume on Friday (and it was a bit of a surprise).

And not because the Indians’ season is finally (mercifully) over (zing!)

Cleveland steaming away in a 2008 AVO image.

Cleveland (the volcano) erupted on Friday, producing an ash column that reached 4.5-6 km / 15,000-20,000 feet. The full report from AVO:

Satellite data indicate that Cleveland volcano erupted briefly this morning at ~0730 UTC (2330 AKDT) 02 October 2009, producing a small, detached ash cloud that drifted northeast of the volcano at maximum altitudes of 15,000′ to 20,000′ (4.5 – 6.1 km) .

AVO has no real data seismic data right now for Cleveland, so only satellite imagery is being used to monitor the eruption. It seems like the eruption hasn’t been followed by more plumes, but the aviation alert status at Cleveland was raised to Orange/Watch.

More news on the eruption when it arrives.


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