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Zachary Shtogren

Zach Shtogren has worked as a translator at PEN and as a journalist for the now-defunct Catalonia Today and BCN Week. Zach has also worked as an environmental educator in the Peace Corps, taught New York school children urban ecology, and managed the Grand Canyon National Park's greenhouse and nursery. He is also a former Big Think editor.  He graduated with a degree in French from the University of Wisconsin-Madison.

Gene sequencing pioneer Jay Flatley of the personal genomics outfit Illumina, predicted that by 2019 it will be a routine measure to map infants’ genomes. With the cost of gene […]
Perhaps the most sobering economic article in Sunday’s Times,among much sobering financial section news, was not an article at all. On page A21 a full-page warning, superimposed over the image […]
Demonstrated by his activity on Twitter, Facebook, YouTube and the official White House portal, President Obama is institutionalizing social networking as the interactive feature par excellence in American governance. The […]